sunnuntai 1. huhtikuuta 2018 Infographic: Helpful tips and tactics to survive a presentation Q&A

You’ve delivered your speech—now comes the hard part.

Fielding questions can be a great way to create a meaningful, memorable connection with your audience, but unprepared speakers risk wading into an explosively humiliating disaster.

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An infographic from Visme offers helpful tactics to handle pressure-packed Q&A sessions.

Tips include:

  • The piece opens with big-picture reminders, such as, “Remember that your responsibility is to deliver the best answer to the entire group, not just the person who posed the question.” There’s also a suggestion to “scan the entire audience” and to connect questions back to your content.
  • To prepare for tough questions, the infographic suggests having friends, family or colleagues throw you tricky curveballs that might feasibly come your way. Preferably, seek out an older sibling, a boorish co-worker or perhaps a filter-free grandparent who has no compunction about asking bizarre, probing, possibly inappropriate questions.
  • Spend time reading content on Q&A “hotbeds” such as Quora, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t try to fake your way through it. The infographic advises having a slide with your contact info handy, so you can connect with the person again—after you’ve had time to review their query.
  • If someone launches a complex, three-pronged trident of a question at you, “focus on what is the most answerable or relates to your content.” 
  • Image result for brick trident
  • Regardless of where the session takes you, conclude by restating the main themes and key content points of your presentation.

Q&A sessions can be risky, but speakers who field questions with aplomb can earn respect, build instant credibility and win over a skeptical audience. For more tips on how to skillfully glide through your next Q&A minefield, review the rest of Visme’s infographic below.


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