sunnuntai 8. huhtikuuta 2018 Infographic: 8 alternatives to yet another stock photo

Your stock photos aren’t fooling anyone.

Although an image of young professionals perched on nondescript office furniture is better than nothing, it’s not much better. There are superior alternatives for content creators looking to go the extra mile.

This infographic from Venngage offers enterprising communicators eight options to grab reader attention without resorting to the banal offerings from a stock photo service.

They include the following suggestions:

  1. Use bold and bright colors.
  2. Create icons to illustrate concepts.
  3. Visualize data with infographics.
  4. Create custom GIFs.
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See the full infographic below to learn how you can transform your content into visually engaging—and unique—creations that will wow readers and drive traffic:


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