torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2018 Fans and teams celebrate opening day of baseball

With the return of warmer days come the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd.

Opening day is a time of hope as Major League Baseball franchises, regardless of their offseason acquisitions, dream of playoff opportunities and maybe, just maybe, World Series glory.

Fans and teams alike are tweeting their excitement for the beginning of a new season.

Some shared GIFs:

Others tweeted pictures of awaiting stadiums:

Even non-baseball brand managers shared their love of the game:

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Some companies touted their promotions:

Others played up their connection to the game:

Some chimed in, regardless of their connection to baseball:

Carhartt teased a special surprise:

One big promotion was a tickets giveaway.

Others just wished everyone a good time:

How are you talking about baseball’s opening day?

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