maanantai 25. joulukuuta 2017 Don’t miss these end-of-year awards deadlines

Are you an ambitious communicator spending your holiday break looking for opportunities to get ahead?

You’re in luck. Ragan and PR Daily Awards are offering a special extension period through the rest of the year. There are four currently active programs spanning internal and external communications.

Want a head start on your submission? Check out our five-step guide for creating a well-rounded awards submission.

Learn more about the last programs of 2017 below, and be sure to enter before the end of the year to prove your expertise.

Share the work you’ve done to advocate for employees, tell your brand’s story, and communicate on behalf of executives. We’re looking for great videos, publications and campaigns.

 We’re looking for the best visual components of your campaigns and projects. Infographics, safety videos, social media designs, 360 videos and more will be accepted. 

Whether you’re responsible for publishing materials on behalf of your clients, planning major events or overseeing entire campaigns, we want to see what you accomplished this year. Share your best industry-specific work, press events, blogs and more.

Your campaigns, projects or videos were great, but we think you deserve some recognition as an industry expert. The 2017 Ace Awards are all about honoring communicators themselves. Nominate yourself, your team or your entire agency across a variety of disciplines.


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